Minneapolis / St Paul

As the saying says, “Minnesota nice” because of its nice people. Same goes for the state, living in Minnesota was amazing ! It has two main cities called Minneapolis and St-Paul. Although Minneapolis is bigger than St Paul and is probably the most famous internationally among both, They both have their own style whether it concerns architectures, administrative powers or even the people. It’s quite common that people get confused and know Minneapolis as the capital of Minnesota because it’s the biggest city in the state, but that’s not the case, St-Paul is actually the capital of Minnesota. There is a small rivalry between both but nothing serious since they are both proud to be Minnesotans. And that’s the reason why we call them the Twin cities. It even has its own team in every major league sports (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL), and the twin cities are always represented as a single team.

Minnesota is very well-known when it’s about cold weather. I got pretty lucky when I was in exchange since it never went below -6 degrees(Celcius) which is quite uncommon during winter (usually between -20 till -35). A funny fact about it? Well, the origins of today’s population are mostly from Scandinavian ancestors who had immigrated to the US. No wonder why they are used to that weather haha! I heard that some of its neighbor states, have similar cases with germans ancestors who immigrated in the past for instance. The region that covers Minnesota and its neighbor states is called the Midwest. But why the Midwest is actually more in the Middle-East? That’s a question to which most didn’t know what to answer. The reason behind that is actually historic from what I’ve heard: It used to be the Midwest before the American frontier (which now makes sense).

Economically, Minnesota is a very wealthy state, it’s actually ranked 1st in the US in terms of number of Fortune 500 companies / per capita. At first, it was surprising to hear that ! Some of them are very famous internationally while some others are very famous exclusively in the US or more oriented B2B. To name a few of them: Target, 3M, Best Buy, United Health, U.S. Bancorp, General Mills, Ecolab, etc… Studying different case studies about those companies at Carlson School of Management was really amazing and it allowed me to learn a lot about them! Moreover, Minnesota has a lot of B2B multinationals specialized in medical technology and devices such as Medtronic.

Last but not least, the biggest mall in the US is in Minnesota ! The Mall of America is the second biggest mall in the world. It’s so big that it has an indoor theme park.