New York

IMG_20160103_123356While staying in the US, I was really wondering myself if it was worth to visit NYC or not before going back to Paris… the flights’ tickets from MSP Airport – JFK Airport were pretty expensive compared to the crazy deals I got for Las Vegas or LA through low cost companies such as Spirit. Indeed, after visiting Chicago and LA which are the two biggest cities after NY, I was pretty much convinced that NY would look exactly like Chicago with taller skyscrapers but also higher costs of living.

Nevertheless, I decided to do a last trip before going back to France considering that I had some money left from Vegas although I’ve spent a lot in the US… and I really didn’t want to stay alone in Minneapolis cause everyone was travelling in the US or already went back home.

IMG_20160105_163404Afterall, it was totally worth it, I think I would have had a lot of regrets now if I didn’t go to NY. NY was amazing and way more impressive than Chicago or LA. The attractions were really entertaining too. While visiting Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Queens, I could realize how much the way of living were different inside the state of NY but also compared to the other cities. I think the view of the skyscrapers and the general landscape from the Empire State building while listening to “New York – USA” (by Serge Gainsbourg) and Empire State of Mind (by Alicia Keys) impressed me so much that it gave me goose bumps haha! Looking around gives you dream and make you believe in success or remind you that everything is possible from scratch.

I met some old friends in NY, One of them who was working in a French Bank in NYC, with who I went to the same University before. He recommended me the best attractions to do. We also spent one night visiting the 9/11 museum with me, taking pictures in front of different monuments and then partying in KoreaTown together! KoreaTown which was just behind the Empire State Building is a very small street compared to LA where the KoreaTown there is a real city! We ate some delicious food and drank some korean alcohol.

I really wish I will able to go back to NYC one day with my family.