AtlantaGeorgia on my mind ! My Uncle & Aunt who live in Atlanta invited me during a week-end to their house to celebrate a little bit earlier thanksgiving with them !  My two cousins also came for the special occasion. (One lives in Downtown Atlanta, the other one lives in Colorado).

I didn’t know much about Atlanta except the song by Ray Charles: Georgia on my mind and the fact that Coca-Cola was from Atlanta. When I decided to make some research on internet, I’ve found out that Georgia State and Atlanta, its capital had a huge history.

The extraordinary thing bout Atlanta was the long list of many famous american singers and rappers who were originally from Atlanta. Just to name of few of them: Usher, Ciara, Lil Jon, Ludacris, T.I., Outkast, Soulja Boy, Young Jeezy, B.o.B, 2 Chainz, Jagged Edge … The top world class artists rate compared to the other states is probably the highest one among the biggest cities. One thing we may notice among the list is that they are all blacks / African Americans. The reason behind that is due to one main fact: Martin Luther King was also from Atlanta. Thus, Atlanta and its state had a huge impact from the African-American Civil Rights Movement.

Atlanta was from what I saw in terms of size between Minneapolis and Chicago. However, same as Minneapolis, the downtown was pretty dead like a ghost-town city and quite spread out. Indeed, it was very strange and hard to understand how the downtowns of those big cities having that many skyscrapers had so few people walking in the street. If the same buildings and shops were in France, the district around would probably be crowded.

The cost of living in Atlanta seemed very cheap to me, (foods, housing, cigarettes, etc). One example  that may illustrate that would be the Sun-Dial, a restaurant on the top of a skyscraper (level 72, maybe the tallest one in Atlanta?). The average price on the menu was between 12-15 USD (the most expensive were between 16-18 usd), the building had a 360 degrees view but was also rotating on itself every 45 minutes, which means that you could contemplate the panoramic view of Atlanta while eating.

I also had the opportunity to try the famous The Cheesecake Factory, a very affordable restaurant with a lot of diverse tasty dishes. (which isn’t usually the case when there are so many dishes on the menu rather than focusing on some of them). I had the chance to study a case study on it at my business school back in France, and it was really as my professor described it to us, it perfectly illustrates the american experience in terms of service. it was indeed a typical american restaurant chain serving good food and good service for affordable prices.

During my stay in Atlanta, I’ve talked a lot with my family. My Uncle described me how was his first american experience when he came very young to the US for his PhD. Many of his stories reminded me myself at that moment, that was hilarious! I also really enjoyed talking to my cousins and my Aunt. Thinking back, It was actually weird we had something in common: my cousins were born and raised abroad like me and my brother but in a totally different country: USA & France. Meanwhile we still felt half korean in our mind…

Although it was only a week-end i feel like I stayed there for a week because of all the things I saw over there. My cousins brought me to the CNN headquarters which was running 24/7, the Coca Cola Museum, a MegaChurch, probably the second biggest one in the US (I’m athe but went to mass with my family, that was really huge and cool, it looked more like a TED conference rather than a mass. ), the Stone Moutain, and  even a shooting range.



Atlanta Downtown & Suburbs