duluthfrontAfter the A-term’s exams (a term being a sub-semester), we decided to do some camping  with 2 huge typical american cars (also called SUV) during a week-end with some exchange students. Most of the recomended places for camping were in the north of Minnesota (between Duluth and Canada). The camping had a great location since it was inside a beautiful natural park with a lot of small lakes and a crazy sunset. We’ve spent some really good time all together.

On the way back, we decided to visit the different places nearby while going through Duluth, but the landscape on the road were pretty boring since all we could see was the forest and sometimes some small houses in the deep country-side.

Nevertheless, we found a very nice natural heritage to stop-by. There were huge waterfalls and some cool paths dedicated for hiking.

BettysPiesRestaurantMoreover, on the road from the natural heritage to Duluth, we surprisingly discovered a very isolated but huge house made in wood with a bunch of cars parked nearby. That was actually a very well-known shop recognized for their delicious pies (“Betty’s Pies – World Famous Pies since 1956″).

duluthnightOnce arrived to Duluth, we made another drive nearby to visit the city. The city looked very old and industrial with the old factories, buildings and the harbor but it still had its own charm. We then had a Bison-burger (it was the first time for all of us tasting the bison) for dinner in the city center of Duluth. Duluth ? Well, there’s several cities called Duluth from what I’ve heard, the main one is in Minnesota, and other one is in Georgia. However, the most famous Duluth is in Minnesota! The reason is probably because it’s a huge harbor city, it also has a University of Minnesota’s satellite campus over there and it is also Bob Dylan’s hometown !

What I’ve learnt from this first trip? I realized how big the US was and how rich was the country in terms of culture & landscape. Every stop we made were so different despite the fact that they were inside the same state.